In préparation

To ensure an enjoyable experience, here is the list of items to plan for your activity.


Registration: 7:45 am

Meeting point: Customer service desk at the entrance of the top chalet of the Massif de Charlevoix.

Activity starts: 8:30 am

Other elements to prepare:


Off-piste skiing demands a multi-layer clothing system able to respond to important variations in weather as well in variations resulting from constantly changing levels of effort. For these reasons, we suggest that you wear: 

  • thermal underwear made of merino wool or its equivalent;
  • a thermal underlayer (vest or shirt) made of merino wool or its equivalent;
  • a down jacket;
  • a shell jacket made of Gortex or its equivalent;
  • a pair of Gortex shell pants or its equivalent;
  • a warm pair of gloves or mittens; 
  • a face warmer;
  • a ski helmet;
  • a pair of ski goggles (clear, orange,or pink visor)


Backpack  (alpine trekking):

We suggest that you carry in you backpack:

  • your cell phone fully charged;
  • an extra shirt;
  • an extra pair of gloves or mittens;
  • a hat;
  • hand warmers;
  • a pocket knife;
  • 1 liter of water of gatorade;
  • 1 thermos with hot liquid;
  • 2 protein bars
  • other snacks if judged necessary